The firm

Founded in 2004 by attorneys Luiz Fernando do Vale Almeida Guilherme and Eugênia Zerbini, the firm continuously seeks to align traditional legal assistance with the most up-to-date juridical trends, implementing them throughout the group’s areas of specialization.

The team, more than just attorneys, is comprised of professors, consultants and law professionals in daily contact with the academic world. The team is tuned into legislative “transformations” in Brazil and the world, which provides for constant updating and the continuous development of innovative and efficient ways of looking after our clients’ interests.

We base our work on the premise of improved assistance by drafting contracts and consistent legal opinions, with care taken to avoid potential litigation. Our attorneys are ready to take extra-judicial action in order to handle the needs of our clients in the most agile and effective way, seeking to save time and resources. The team is also committed to diligent and careful action before the courts, defending client interests in all judicial arenas in a transparent, ethical, and appropriate manner.

The excellence of the firm’s services has provided for the inclusion in 2008, 2009, and 2010 of Almeida Guilherme – Associated Attorneys in the “ANUÁRIO ANÁLISE ADVOCACIA,” Brazil’s Legal Yearbook. The Yearbook is a publication listing attorneys and law firms most admired by large companies that are clients. Besides demonstrating client satisfaction, the listing is a credential attesting to the seriousness as well as the solidness of the firm.

In 2015, Almeida Guilherme – Associated Attorneys was selected by Finance Monthly of the UK as the best firm in the Commercial/Partnership arena. In 2016, the same publication chose us as Brazil’s best in Civil Litigation and Arbitration.

Today as a full-service provider, we represent the biggest, best, and most pioneering Brazilian companies and multinational conglomerates as well as serving private citizens in various legal areas.